St. Andrew Parish & School

Building Use Request Form

  • Only parish groups are allowed to use the school building.
  • This request must be completed and approved a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event.
  • A parishioner must be responsible for the key: to open up, provide supervision, to clean up, and to lock up. This parishioner will be phoned to come lock up if the building is left unlocked after the event.
  • The group will set up and clean up according to their needs. The parish janitorial staff will not be asked to set up or clean up without prior approval of the school principal.
  • The group / individual requesting use will assume financial responsibility to repair or replace any items damaged or broken or damage to the room, walls, fixtures, etc.
  • If the building is left open, or is not adequately cleaned up, the person who is listed as responsible will be called to come to the building to rectify the situation (lock up or clean up).
  • If keys are issued, they MUST be returned to the school office immediately after the event. If keys are issued and lost, replacement cost and a $10.00 fine will be imposed. 
  • Some activities require that participants to complete insurance waivers.  If this was indicated when you telephoned the school office, then copies of this waiver are included with this letter (make copies as needed). All participants MUST sign the waiver / release prior to your activity, and be turned in to the school office.
  • If any of the above guidelines are not followed, the Parish can deny permission to use the room(s) in the future. 
  • All requests are pending the approval of St. Andrew Parish School Administration.  You will recieve confirmation of your request via email.  Thank you!

Building Use Request Form:




Phone Number


Parish Group Requesting Building Use


Type of event


What room (or rooms) are you requesting?


What dates are you requesting?


What time to you need the room (or rooms)?  (Including set up and clean up)


Name of person, 21 or older, who will be responsible for the keys.  This person will also be responsible for unlocking and locking the doors, for clean up and for appropriate supervision throughout the activity. 


Phone number of person responsible for above


Address of person responsible for above

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