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St. Andrew Parish School

St. Andrew Parish School

Teach, Reflect, and Live the Gospel

St. Andrew Parish School is where faith and knowledge meet.  We are called to Teach, Reflect, and Live the Gospel.

Mission Statement

St. Andrew Parish School in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee uniquely balances Catholic Faith and Education. The School’s Education Values are proclaimed in its Solid Spiritual Foundation.  Students are taught to be Respectful and Compassionate with the Emphasis placed not only Academic Achievement, but on Moral and Spiritual Growth.  This School is committed to Educational Excellence, Student Diversity, and the Fostering of a Culture of Faith, Service, and Personal Responsibility, all in the name of Jesus Christ. (Archdiocese Office of Schools, September, 2016)

 What Our School Offers You

  •  Enrollment: 159 students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade
  • Average Class Size: 17 students
  • Maximum Class Size: 25 students 
  • Accredited by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Non-Public School Accrediting Association the Wisconsin Religious and Independent School, and also meets guidelines set by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • Prayer Opportunities: Eucharistic Liturgies, seasonal all school prayer services, and daily classroom prayer
  • Full Academic Curriculum including Algebra, Religious Education, Physical Education, Music Education, Art Education
  • Field Trip Experiences for all grades including 8th Grade trip to Washington D.C.
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