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"Building and living community must be prime, explicit goals of the contemporary Catholic school. Community is an especially critical need today, largely because natural communities of the past have been weakened by many influences…Today’s Catholic school must respond to these challenges by developing in its students a commitment to community and to the social skills and virtues needed to achieve it." 
(To Teach as Jesus Did, 109)

"We chose St. A’s because it is a small, family-like school. Everyone knows everyone else. It is a place that truly embodies the expression, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The teachers know all of the kids – not just the ones in their classroom. The teachers and staff are top-notch and willing to go the extra mile for students and their families. What a blessing it has been to send our children to St. Andrew’s!"  -Furio Family

Students Helping Students

The teachings of Jesus Christ are infused into every subject and extracurricular activity.

Kinders visiting with Father Jim

All Catholic elementary and high schools are accredited.

Catholic schools are a safe place for children to learn.

St. Andrew Parish School celebrated its 70th Anniversary in 2011.

"Students who attended Catholic schools say they were more disciplined

and the approach to academics was more regimented." - Fox News

Kinders using the SMART board

With our focus on academics and faith, all of our Catholic schools provide a disciplined and focused environment.

Students collecting food for the food pantry

“Authentic Catholic schools, I believe, are vibrant communities of faith in which the message of the Gospel is regularly taught and responsibly lived, communities of worship in which every aspect of school life is rooted in prayer, and communities of service that prepare their graduates to effect positive societal change.”

- Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Kathleen Cepelka, Ph.D.

Volleyball and basketball are extracurricular activities provided for children at St. Andrew. We are known as the St. Andrew Spartans.

Child Centered Learning

Families who choose Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee develop a lifelong foundation for career, family and community life.

Opening the time capsule

The average Catholic high school senior achieves an

average composite ACT score of 23.6,

higher than the Wisconsin state average (22.3)

and the national average (21.1).

"The truth is that the entire parish, the whole diocese and the universal church benefit from Catholic schools in ways that keep communities strong," Archbishop Dolan writes. "So all Catholics have a duty to support them. Reawakening a sense of common ownership of Catholic schools may be the biggest challenge the church faces in any revitalization effort ahead."