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Staff Member: Jeanne Bleser

Staff Member: Jeanne Bleser

Jeanne Bleser

Music Teacher
Phone: 262-728-6211
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My name is Jeanne Bleser. I am the music teacher at St. Andrew’s School. I taught here, at St. Andrew’s School, many years ago, and I am glad to be back! When I began my music career, I went into teaching because I fell in love with the child’s voice. There is nothing more beautiful than a well-trained children’s choir. Their voices are like those of angels. But that is not the only reason I teach music. I feel music has the power to change the world. It is healing. Music reaches out into all directions beginning deep within a person’s own soul and moving out to all people in all cultures and corners of the earth.

I live with my 4-legged children, Cleopatra and Sox (kitty cats). During my free time, I enjoy reading, doing puzzles of all sorts, hiking, biking, and playing a variety of musical instruments. My greatest hobby is traveling. I have been blessed to have visited Israel, Russia, Scotland, Austria, Hungary, and many other countries. I love meeting people around the world and learning about their cultures.

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