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Technology Committee


Supporting 21st Century Learners

The Technology Committee helps to maintain our school's technology needs and to see that teachers and students have current tools that support learning and study skills, and that prepare our students to be comfortable and knowledgeable with today's electronic tools.  Our efforts have provided classrooms with Smart Boards and iPads, as well as access to a full-size Computer Lab, thus allowing interactive learning plus individualized - even specialized - help in both daily classroom assignments and projects of their own choosing.

Aware of the cyber security of our student computer users, we provide and maintain our own additional security systems with strict sign-on and sign-off procedures to protect our students when using these devices.

Parents and parishioners with expertise in any of these "tech" areas and interested in sharing your time and talents with us, know that your help will make St. Andrew an event greater school for our youth.  We'd love to have you help us - either with a specific project, or by joining our committee. 

We typically meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00AM - 7:45AM during the school year to explore the many avenues available for obtaining grants, and various fundraising projects.  In the Spring, we sponsor the "Fat Tire - Delavan Lake" Bike Ride, which raises $12 - 15K.


For more information regarding our annual Fat Tire - Delavan Lake Big Ride, please visit our Event Page.  You can also stay connected with us on Facebook at