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Until We Meet Again

The Cemetery Committee, which meets quarterly, manages the affairs of our parish cemetery. It is responsible for all cemetery operations, including day-to-day upkeep of grounds and structures, and makes certain that the cemetery is operated under both canonical and civil laws. It also ensures the on-going, long-term viability of the cemetery over the changing of pastors, committee members or parish demographics. Committee members are parishioners who see the cemetery as an important asset and who have the dedication/desire to minister to people with end-of-life needs.

Dating back before the Civil War, St. Andrew’s Parish Cemetery has served as the final resting place for our family members and friends. Its beauty and solitude have provided a place of reflection and prayer over the many years of its existence.

Your contributions are most welcome and helpful in completing our landscaping and beautification goals. Checks can be mailed, dropped off at the parish office, or simply placed in the collection at Mass in an envelope marked St. Andrew’s Cemetery.

For more information, please contact the Parish Office at 262-728-5922.