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Parish Life


Building Community

Parish Life Committee, as its name implies, aims at the core of our parish life by promoting the growth of our Faith life through sharing in many FUN and enriching activities in the Christian Community which we are. Activities such as: Parish Picnics, Movie Nights, Grown-up-Nights-out, Family Game Nights, Potlucks, Dinners-for-Eight, Retreats. . . are the kinds of opportunities that increase our sense of belonging, of fellowship, and the joy of togetherness. They are an excellent way to integrate the Hispanic, Deaf, and English-speaking groups, as well as seasonal members, all of whom we are committed to serve through our parish’s mission of fellowship and response to the needs of our multicultural community.

There are on-going events each month and season by which you can become involved, engaged, and inspired to join with fellow parishioners in a deeper sense of who and what St. Andrew’s is, and who you are. Parish Life meets the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:00PM in the Rectory Basement.

Our MOTTO is "Come Anyway" – any way you can, even if you’re not sure, just come. You’ll fit in; we’ve got big, open arms. And you’ll see our parish grow in that Faith and Community we talk about as we continue to find ways to boost our spiritual growth and answer Jesus’ call to stewardship.

For more information, contact Cevin Moses at 262-725-6046.