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Liturgical Ministries


Called To Serve

As a community we are all called to actively participate in our liturgies through song, prayer, silence, and ritual action.  Some are called to specific liturgical ministries to serve as greeters, lectors, extraordinary ministers, altar servers, music ministers, or to assume other roles for the liturgies we celebrate as a parish.  Our Sacristans, Musicians, Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Ushers and Altar Servers, as well as our families who present the Gifts at Mass, all add to the heart of the Eucharistic celebration.  Those ministers who take Holy Communion to the sick and homebound are vital to our parish family. Our liturgy is greatly enriched by the participation of all of our liturgical ministers who bring their special gifts.

Training and guidance is provided to everyone who is interested in serving in these special ways.  The youth of our parish are especially welcome and encouraged to participate!

If God is calling you to serve in any of the following ministries, please complete the corresponding sign-up form or call the Parish Office at 262-728-5922.


To assist the celebrating priest, Sacristans prepare the essentials for Mass, setting the altar and ensuring that the vessels, the bread and wine, the books to be read, and all that is needed are properly laid out for this holy banquet.  We work behind closed doors to see that the liturgical vessels, as well as the sanctuary and sacristy are clean and ready for the celebration of each Mass. We are also responsible for returning everything back to its proper and secure place afterwards.

Sacristan Sign Up Form

Altar Servers

Pope John Paul II said that Altar Servers are “ . . . servants of Jesus Christ, the eternal high priest.  Therefore, you are called in a particular way to be young friends of Jesus.”

This ministry is not only an opportunity to educate our children to help the church by being altar servers, it is also an opportunity to train them in the virtues, while at the same time getting trained in their faith.  All boys and girls in grades 3 to 12 who are members of St. Andrew Parish and who have received the sacrament of First Holy Communion are invited to participate as Altar Servers at the Saturday, Sunday, weekday and Holy Day Masses.  Altar Servers are scheduled to serve Mass on a rotating basis at their preferred Mass time.

Training sessions are required for every NEW server.  All sessions are conducted in the church, and parents must attend the first 15 minutes with their child.

Altar Server Sign Up Form

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist in the great privilege of giving with great reverence and love, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ to our brothers and sisters. According to the Church’s liturgical norms, special training is given for both those who distribute the consecrated hosts or who give the cup of consecrated wine to the faithful.  Extraordinary Ministers are scheduled to serve Mass on a rotating basis at their preferred Mass time.

Extraordinary Minister Sign Up Form


Readers and Lectors proclaim the Word of God. Our mission is to be a worthy instrument of God’s Word, to celebrate the tradition of faith, and to honor the Scriptures by proclaiming them effectively. Our quiet confidence and dignity enhances the ritual of the Mass, promoting meditation and prayerful recollection on what we are reading.  Lectors receive training to participate in the Mass and are scheduled on a rotating basis at their preferred Mass time.

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Ushers & Greeters

A Greeter's #1 priority is to make everyone feel welcome and at home here at St. Andrew Parish.  As people arrive for Mass, Greeters make sure everyone who enters is greeted with a smile and a "Hello" or "Good Morning".  Handshakes and hugs have been known to be handed out too (but not required)!!

As we seek to demonstrate God’s love to our guests and our Church family, our Ushers play an important role. Ushers assist seating those attending Mass and ensure aisle traffic flow runs smoothly.  Ushers answer questions when there are visitors unfamiliar with the parish procedures or when there are special activities involved. They also see that the money collection baskets are safely gathered and placed in a secure location to be counted later. Ushers & Greeters are scheduled on a rotating basis at their preferred Mass time.

Usher and/or Greeter Sign Up Form

Interpreters for the Deaf

Interpreters interpret the Mass in American Sign Language (ASL), helping fulfill our parish mission of serving our multi-cultural family which includes the Deaf and their culture.  We want to be a worthy instrument for God’s Word. We are always trying to improve our religious signing skills and the ASL Roman Mass.  Volunteers must understand the importance of preparation and be able to participate with confidence, dignity, and restraint.  The heart of this ministry is to honor the Scriptures and interpret them effectively.

Interpreter for the Deaf Sign Up Form

Music Ministry & Choirs

Music Ministry is one of the most important areas of service to the liturgical life of a parish. We help support the worship and liturgy by leading the congregation in prayerful song.

"God has bestowed upon His people the gift of song and indeed is present whenever His people sing His praises." (Sing to the Lord)

That is the calling of every member of the worshiping assembly. But it is the special calling of music ministers to teach, encourage, inspire, and lead them by example.  We’d love to "hear" from both our high school singers and our adult men and women singers.

Choir Sign Up Form

Art & Environment

Volunteers with the Art & Environment Ministry are involved with making our church a spiritual house that helps lift the hearts and minds of the faithful by providing a peaceful, prayerful environment not only for worship during liturgical ceremonies, as well as for times of individual, quiet prayer. Visual aids to enhance the primary liturgical focus of the day or season are the main ways we do this. Most notable are live floral arrangements, seasonally appropriate banners, and displays, such as the Nativity Scene.

As our parish continues to integrate all aspects of our multi-cultural Faith community, we are looking for more ways to include the Hispanic elements of art and décor as well. In everything we aim for noble simplicity with elegance, quality, and appropriateness.

Art & Environment Sign Up Form

Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick & Homebound

The visiting Eucharistic ministers assist the priest by carrying Holy Communion to Catholic patients at local nursing homes and those homebound who wish to receive the Eucharist.  While at the bedsides or homes they may also pray with the patient, or simply read the Gospel or briefly visit with them.  Because of the great responsibility of carrying the Blessed Sacrament outside the Church, individuals must understand the importance of, and appreciate the sacredness of, their undertaking. This understanding manifests in their manner, their attitude toward those with whom they come into contact, their dress and their devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.  These volunteers may also help distribute the Eucharist at Mass.

Eucharistic Minister to the Sick & Homebound Sign Up Form