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Mission Sewing Group


Did you know?

Tucked away in the basement of our parish rectory is a quilting frame. Did you know that every Thursday at 10:00 am, a dedicated group of our parish women join together to make between 100 to 200 quilts a year for the missions? For years, ladies have sewn quilts that are distributed by the Franciscan Missions in Burlington, WI, where they are most often shipped overseas. The quilts are 45" x 60" and are beautiful works of art!

If you enjoy sewing or can help with cutting and tying, you are invited to join this caring group. We always need cotton material or cotton sheets too.  On another note we will also take all your good used postage stamps, a project that helps the missions, as well.

For more information on the Franciscan Missions, CLICK HERE.

To join, or for more information on our Mission Sewing Group, please contact the Parish Office at 262-728-5922.