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You Belong Here

St. Andrew Parish is a multi-cultural Catholic community, proud and grateful for its special ministries, with the Spanish speaking, the Deaf, and seasonal visitors.  We gather in the name of Jesus Christ to proclaim the truth about who He is and who we are.  He is our King, our Lord, sent by the Father to give us the one gift we are incapable of giving ourselves, eternal life.  When we gather as a Church family, we celebrate that gift. When we worship, sing or pray together, join a parish group or organization, or become a part of our school family – Jesus Christ is for us always the center of all that we do.

We welcome YOU to be a part of this family!  Please browse through our site and become acquainted with St. Andrew Parish and School, who we are, and what we do to grow in our love for the Lord and in our love for one another as His family.

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