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Admissions Policy

Admissions Guidlines

Admission Policy Guidelines: (12-16-93: St. Andrew Parish School Committee and St. Andrew Parish Council)

St. Andrew Parish has a commitment to maintain a Parish K-8 School for the benefit of parishioners and the community. Students of all races and creeds are welcome to attend St. Andrew Parish School, but priority is to be shown to students of families who are active members of St. Andrew Parish. Archdiocesan guidelines will be followed regarding the admission of all new students (Archdiocesan Policy 5110).

If and when it becomes necessary to limit enrollment at St. Andrew Parish School, the following priorities will be enforced: (Notes 1, 2, and 3 apply):
To all students currently enrolled
To students who have siblings currently enrolled
To students of active parishioners
To students from other Catholic parishes

Parishioners and Students in “Good Standing”:

An active parishioner is defined as a registered parishioner (with Parish Office) who is a practicing Catholic, participates in the worshipping community and contributes (documented through Parish Office) to the time, talent and treasure stewardship program of St. Andrew Parish to the best of their ability. Parents who have students enrolled in the school are expected to participate in school activities. Parents who have students enrolled in the school are expected to enter into an annual tuition agreement.

Academic Class Size Policy: (4-21-95: rev 4-12-05: St. Andrew Parish School Committee and St. Andrew Parish Council)

The number of students accepted in grades K – 8 with one certified full-time teacher will be set at 25 with one additional admission for new parishioners with the approval of the pastor and principal. A waiting list will be developed to assist and maintain full enrollment. The waiting list will also be used in determining the feasibility of hiring additional staff. Enrollment from the waiting list will follow the St. Andrew Parish School Admissions Policy Guidelines. If all other factors are equal , students registered on the waiting list first will have priority.

Kindergarten Admission: (Archdiocesan Policy 5111 and Wis State Statute 118.14)

No student may be admitted to 5 year old kindergarten unless the student is 5 years old on or before September 1 in the year they propose to enter school. No student may be admitted to the first grade unless they are 6 years old on or before September 1 in the year they propose to enter school.

Early Admission into First Grade or Kindergarten : (Archdiocesan Policy 5111.1)

St. Andrew Parish School recommends careful consideration of all aspects of a student’s growth and development prior to considering early placement in Kindergarten or First Grade. It should be understood that only parents with students whose birthdays fall prior to October 1st but after September 1st may apply for early admission.

The procedures for admission of underage children are as follows:
The parent applies to the principal. An interview is held to determine reasons for requesting early admission to first grade or kindergarten.
A screening or assessment program shall be used to determine the school readiness of the student.
Early admission to kindergarten or first grade is considered to be on a trial basis. If within a reasonable period of time the student does not adjust to the school situation, the principal may request that the parents withdraw the student and enroll them at the regular age.

Probationary Period: (Archdiocesan Policy 5110)

All students are on probation during the first semester of their attendance at St. Andrew Parish School. St. Andrew Parish School has a screening process for all new students entering the school, which may include review of student records from previous schools, interview with student and parent(s), placement testing procedures. During the first semester probationary period, St. Andrew Parish School will determine whether or not it can meet the needs of the student.

Entrance Screening: (Archdiocesan Policy 5110)

A screening process is conducted for students new or returning to St. Andrew Parish School. The screening process may include a formal interview, testing, questionnaire, review of records from previous schools, etc.

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